Crafting Gorgeous Words That Sell

by admin, January 17th, 2017

Remember when you bought a lipstick just because it boasted a glamorous Toast of New York? How can that not be a desirable place to be? Cocktail dress, glass of sparkling and a happy cheers in a glamorous roof-top bar in NYC. Oh, and you didn't even like that colour very much...How about something more scrumptious, like Berries in the Snow? Or Frozen cherries? Or even Champagne on Ice?

Have you ever wondered how much work goes into product naming? With tough competition, brands try to offer added values that will help their clients make a clear choice. One of the tactics brands employ is creating desirability and triggering purchase by coming up with memorable names for their products. But not only that, gorgeous, glamorous, even edible names. Yes, edible. I'd say the winner in this category has got to be make-up! So let's have a quick look at make-up names!

I've recently seen in the store the co-branding of Crayola and Clinique. Clinique! A brand I respect so much, co-brands a set of crayon-like lipsticks with Crayola! And the result is a fun crayon box (yes, they come in a crayon look-alike box) that just shows that established and mature brands can be fun and tap into the younger audience with a little smart product development.

So what kind of brands use this technique to sell? Well as with everything, from items on your Italian restaurant menu, to your smoothies, the more well crafted their names, the more likely you are to choose if they resonate with you. A deliciously refreshing vitamin packed summer treat peach smoothie surely sounds much better than a simple Peach & Mint Smoothie.

Got you thinking? Then think some more!

From Crushed Berries to Dirty Peach, or even Creme Brulee or Laguna Beach, make-up brands do their best to entice our senses and get us buying.

So why do their clients like being seduced in this way? Despite being no success potions, they make them more confident and this probably helps boost their personal and professional life. After all, self-confidence is a big reason why we buy make-up.

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