Do You Do Social Media Management In-House or Hire an Agency?

by admin, July 24th, 2017

Here at Kaus, we will guide you to create the strategy that will work for your business. This is the first and most important step, before starting any activity online. We can also help you find out what your objectives are, if they are unclear or not well defined.

We know what works and what doesn’t. Our team has the expertise to advise you and the talented people to make it all happen. We know what tactics to deploy to make your online presence successful. We will guide you with what tool to implement when and how.
Hiring an agency is cheaper than hiring your own people
You may think of building your own team to do this, but do you really want to spend resources on an expert marketing team? You will need social media experts, designers, copywriters, marketing managers. And building a team internally is a big task, not to mention it taking a lot of time and effort. You will also spend a good amount of money in training them, and you’ll occasionally burn your hands too.
A successful social campaign includes design, video production, PR, strategy, and much more. Your annual budget will be stretched to encompass a full social media marketing campaign including: research, planning, strategy + execution, and in most cases various services such as design, video production, public relations, social community management, short-term and long-term campaigns + promotions, social aggregation, analytics + reporting, and more. There is also the need to pay for overheads, such as office space, equipment, paid holiday, any benefits, transportation etc.
The agency will take all this activity off your shoulders, so you can focus on what you do best and employ your resources in other better ways. Hiring an agency is like hiring a team of 10+ people for the price of one. Most agencies are made up of executives, designers and illustrators, strategists, copywriters, bloggers, social enthusiasts, PR representatives, web developers, even entrepreneurs, all of whom have their own experiences that they bring to the table.
Having a great agency relationship is also beneficial for companies as they grow. The higher your marketing budget, the more capabilities the agency can provide for you.

Targeting, research, insights
Because Kaus has experience in Social Media Management, we can offer you insights based on our previous experience and agency research. We have done this before, so we can predict client behavior, what tactics would work best and what campaigns to deploy. Also, we will target the audience by carrying out the right research and insights.

By knowing your brand type, we will ensure that you invest the right amount and nothing more. Your Return on Investment is the most important and we know that spending more does not guarantee or imply more business.

Customer relationship
We will keep your social media pages updated with relevant information, to make it easier to gain customer loyalty. Through social media, your brand can also build a customer database and maintain an active relationship with them.

Online campaigns
Our team will come up with the best plans to plan, set up, deploy and manage your online campaigns. Moreover, we will monitor them and adjust to ensure maximum efficiency and reach. When you run an engaging campaign and a great strategy, ultimately your fans will engage more with you. Thus, hiring your own social media agency gives you a heightened audience engagement which would have otherwise taken a longer time to attain. We will also plan out your special promotions, which will help create a buzz around your brand.

Save money
Social Media platforms are very cheap. They cost far less than what you would pay for traditional marketing. For example, you could pay for 12 months of Social Media what you currently pay for one month for a billboard.
And since we’re talking about saving money, social media agencies do just that. It is much more beneficial and inexpensive to hire an agency than to employ one social media expert because an agency will perform multiple tasks for you, more than a single social media expert can.

Viable ROI
To make sure that you get the maximum ROI, a social media agency works hard to spread your brand awareness and reach more people. They introduce social media campaigns and contests, bring back customers through social media engagement and post, analyze various feedbacks and cater to the area that seems more popular, etc. Hence, with all these efforts put into it, you can expect a viable ROI in the long run if not instantly.

Agencies make it their top priority to stay up-to-date with and learn all about the new tools and tactics emerging in our social world, either from each other inside the agency or from outside sources. In other words, an agency will challenge itself to evolve and modify social campaigns as new (and better) alternative tools and tactics appear on the scene.

The Decision is Yours
Whether you’re going to hire a social media manager or a social media agency, the decision is yours. There’s also another way. Some companies prefer to hire an agency, while having a person on the position of marketing representative, to act on behalf of the company and coordinate with the agency. This is what we usually advise.
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Many times we get asked by our clients whether they should consider hiring a person or a team for handling their social media in-house. We are an agency, so naturally we would advise our clients to work with us. But more importantly, we take pride in our reputation. First of all we are your business consultants; therefore we will always be on your side and give you the best advice that we can, based on our expertise.

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